Denafrips FPGA Firmware Update

In case there are any Denafrips DAC owners out there that are not aware of the FPGA Firmware Update, here's the link:

I did the update on my Ares II earlier today and am currently enjoying the results.  It is definitely an improvement without question.


@mewsickbuff your post is somewhat confusing as you reference warranty. Are you saying Denafrips refused you access to the upgrade of FPGA because you are the 3rd owner? I think that’s what you are saying. Did you directly ask them for FPGA updates? 

Sorry about the confusion. But yes, Denafrips denied me the upgrade. I didn't ask for it. They brought it up. I asked about possible future USB input upgrades. They asked for an order record saying they couldn't find one for me. When I told them I was the 3rd owner they directed me to their warranty policy, pointing out that it stops service and support at the 2nd owner.

@mewsickbuff, there seems to be a possibility of misunderstanding since our last email exchange in early April.


To ensure clear understanding, we would like to clarify that the FPGA firmware update is provided free of charge for all DENAFRIPS DAC owners.


FAQ: I bought the DAC used and/or from the grey market. Will I be entitled for the Firmware Update?


Ans: We understand some of you may have purchased the DAC used and/or from the grey market (sadly). Vinshine Audio is willing to extend our goodwill support to you. We are good people afterall. Please enter 'Used' or 'Grey' in the Order Number. 




Many thanks.

Alvin Chee @ Vinshine Audio

I can attest to what Alvin said. My Terminator Plus was bought used from previous owner(s), and I was able to upgrade to V3.7 firmware using software tools provided by Vinshine team. I filled out the upgrade request form indicating it was purchased as used and sent in the form along with a photo of fpga chip inside the DAC. I was never asked to provide the original purchase receipt.

Hello all,

​I updated my Venus 2 with the new FPGA firmware ran it for about 70 hours. I listened to Qobuz on Sunday.

in my system the highs were way to pushed, and the Bottom end was pushed as well. I felt when listening to horn sections the air and space were sucked out of the original sound? I went back to the original V 1 and the sound was So much better. The depth was back and the horns sounded like horns again. I know Alvin said that a new vs is coming out next month, but I have to say I don’t know why I would want to change the Original sound Again? I also question the Burn in time for the new firmware? How come when going back to the original version you don’t have to re-burn it in?