Firmware changes - DCS Delius or Purcell


I was wondering if anyone was aware of what Firmware changes may have been made to either the DCS Delius or Purcell since they were introduced.

It looks like DCS is going to charge different fees for the Firewire update based upon the serial number, which implies that some motherboard changes need to be made on older units.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, as I am looking at picking up these two units to replace a Wadia 860x.


Here's the link for more info on the upgrade program for Elgar/Delius/Purcell:

The upgrade decisions are quite complicated. I'm deciding whether to:

1. Upgrade only the Delius and not the Purcell. This will upgrade firmware/software allow the firewire connection for the new SACD transport to run directly into the Delius. 16/44.1 CDs would still be upsampled by the Purcell to 192k but would not be converted to DSD. Cost for this upgrade - $2300 plus approx. $400 shipping.

2. Upgrade firmware/software on both the Delius and the Purcell. This will allow SACD connection from the new transport AND will allow 16/44.1 CDs to be converted by the Purcell to DSD. The upgraded Delius would then convert DSD to analog. Cost for this upgrade - $4400 plus shipping.

Input would be greatly appreciated before I drop the big bucks!!!!
Hello Hbrandt,

I own this units too and I spent some time about doing this decision or not. I have contact with owners who use the dsd.
ALL told me that the difference between dsd converted or 24/192 is :

"... It is a little different but not really "better", just different."

Your prices: are they including shipping and tax ??? When not, and I think so, it is even more expensive.
What I am doing ?
Well, I use a premium analog combo,which I prefer so I do not spend this big money ( I have only 100 CD's ) and maybe I am going to buy a SACD Player in the next years. So I have both when this is the way to go.
I liked the musical presentation from the Purcell/Delius with 24/192 and it is ok for me ( it's only digital ).
But when you are only on digital: well why not.
I am dissapointed from dCS. Last year they told all that upgrades for these units will be easy to do and will be not very expensive ( Background was the policy from Levinson and Wadia were the upgrades were super expensive and when you did it 2 or 3 times you've been in the area of 15000,-- and more and you still own the old unit ) and I know some customers who bought these products because of this statement.
So they are doing the same now.