Denafrips Terminator Purchase? Duty?

For those of you in the US who have purchased a Denafrips Terminator from Vinshine Audio, did you owe import fees or duty when you received your unit?
According to Alvin at Vinshine, Mike Powell is no longer a distributor for Denafrips.
Noticed the other day Powell Audio didn’t have any Denafrips on the web site and was surprised by a comment Mike made about the Ares how he could care less about entry level products. I’m sure when Alvin and others watched that YouTube video they rolled their eyes back and fell off their chairs. Nothing wrong with Mike Powell not being interested in lower price gear and maybe it just wasn’t a good fit for him. Hopefully they can find or set something up themselves in the US soon. 
It's rather astonishing that someone would sell a company's products , not know the price, not really know what's in them, and use words like move this "noisy crap" just in general let alone while on youtube while showing it
Congratulations, @gumbypimp   

Is a user id name change 'in the offing' unless, of course, the id has more to do with a green humanoid than a DAC?  : )
Trust me I own Ares, It’s no entry level DAC, I heard expensive DAC they are good but not even two times better,.