Denafrips Venus 1 vs Venus 2

I have been searching for the differences between these too with no luck. Does anybody know what they changed between the two versions? Also if anybody has heard version one and then version two any input on differences if there were an?


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Per Alvin,

The Venus II is very close to the Terminator reviewed by NRD (

Venus II comes close due to the following upgrades done recently:
1. TCXO - Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator. This is the prime performance improvement that brings the Venus sonic performance very close to the Terminator DAC
2. MU Metal Shielding between the PSU and Main DAC board, like one found in the Terminator DAC. A metal sheet is added in between.
3. EVOX MMK caps (White)
4. Germany Film Caps WIMA
5. Upgraded DSP board to support PCM1536, DSD1024 over USB/I2S

My recommendation goes to the Venus II DAC for mid/high end systems.  
Having said that, it also depends on the resolution of your system, and how attentive you listen to the music.
oh no, the plummeting prices of used terminators will now see new lows and used venus 1's will be thrown out in the trash !!! 😆😆😆

jk... sorry i just couldn’t resist... gotta love it when the manufacturers market the upgraded versions...

good luck with the venus 2... i am sure it will bring oodles of sonic joy!

One of our contributors to The Sound Advocate has just finished an in- depth review of the Denafrips Venus II DAC

read it here: ….



just send alvin chee an email he will answer your query with the details

denafrips folks in china like many passionate engineers seemed to continue to incrementally improve their gear over time, while this may not be surprising, this v1 v2 v2a v2b-prime business indeed captures the minds and pocketbooks of some buyers but one must put the real differences in sq in perspective imo

one personal data point i will share is i had a pontus 1 and compared vs a pontus 2, and i could only hear a minute difference in bass transient response, repeat it was minute (much less than changing an rca interconnect, for instance)... just a word to the wise...