Denon DP-62L users out there?

Wondering who else has one of these things and if you have had to do any maintenance to the machine, such as bearing lube or anything else to keep it perking along. Also if anyone has the curved tonearm wand and wants to sell or trade for the straight arm. After not turning on my system for a couple of years, I was itching to try an old but mint Audioquest MC cart. I obtained in a package deal. Got an inexpensive Monolithic PS-1 preamp from a seller here so that I could use an MC with the system. Really impressed with the sound but at setup the straight arm comes up just a little short according to my setup device. But the sound is killer anyway. What I was hoping for, and not bad for the small investment. I paid no more than a couple hondo for this deck in about mint condx. and I see they go for alot more nowadays.
i think...back in the day, the arms..straight and curved..both came with the table. they come up on ebay from time to time. as far as maintenence, you may be able to find a download of the manual on the net.
Well I sold my s arm like an idiot, a long time ago to someone who needed it. I figured the straignt arm was lowest mass etc. and worked great with the AT MM cart. This cart just mounts different and I can't get enough extension past the headshell part. I got an owners manual but that does not go into technical maintenance. This one was pretty near mint when I got it and I just saw one go for 700+ on ebay.
The DP-62L has permanent lubrication. the manual says this. The motor bearings are treated with a special oil, there is no need to oil the the motor at any time.
My only beef right now is that the Denon setup in the manual for the straight arm does not coincide with a Geo-disc protractor I have. Comes up too short even with cart. full out at end. The AT cart I had before just baaarly made it to the mark on the platter of the Geo Disc. I think I will try the method where you draw a straight line from the spindle and measure two points that are specified, and comprimise the the best alignment at both. Will try it with Denons instructions though and see how it sounds that way. I used a scale to set T force instead of the dial thing on the back of the arm. Well it does seem to be working but I don't know if any lube lasts forever. Like they might not have envisioned a 25+ year lifetime of the product.
Yep! Bought mine (straight arm only) back in 1984 ($850)...never fell for the CD craze...still beautiful and in use today...functions faithfully @ 100%!!!

Replaced the original Stanton 981Hz cartridge with an Ortofon 2m Black....Awesome!!! (over used word, but it fits)
Dear W8aaz, I believe you would find that the S-shaped arm wand is identical to the straight pipe you own, in terms of pivot to stylus distance and effective length. The only difference is in effective mass, most likely. Yes, you likely would be better off with the S-shaped arm wand for the latter reason alone, since you are using a low compliance MC cartridge. However, you can always add weight to your straight arm pipe by any number of methods, starting with gluing a penny to the headshell and ending with buying a higher mass headshell or wrapping the arm wand with tape, etc. (The Denon headshells were all on the low end of headshell mass.) Further, the reason your straight arm seems to be "too short" is likely that it was designed for Stevenson alignment, and your Geo-disc is likely to have been designed for Lofgren or Baerwald. So, (1) use Stevenson; there is a free template available on Vinyl Engine, and (2) get yourself a heavier headshell. Happy sailing.