Denon DP6000 crackling noise: Need Help

Hi All, I need some help. The Denon DP6000 that I just acquired worked great the first day (2 hours). The next day, it held speed. However, there was a crackling noise that emanated from the drive unit (the cartridge was not on the LP). The noise occurred only when the platter was moving. When the platter was stopped, with the power still on, the crackling ceased. (I played it only for about 5 minutes with the crackling noise.)

I know it is old and needs new capacitors. I will replace those immediately (Originally, I was hoping to put it off for a few months.)

QUESTIONS: Besides capacitor replacement, is there something else that needs attention? Is there a bigger problem?
Just to be clear, the noise is coming from the motor itself and not through your speakers?
Hi ZD, Yes. The noise is an electrical noise that emanates from the motor compartment. It is not a noise reproduced through the audio chain.
As I think I said on Vinyl Asylum, you should move your plan to replace the capacitors to the front burner. But it may also be a simple arc-ing from some high voltage node to ground due to worn insulation, etc.
This is what I have found: The transistors used in the Denon DP6000 are 2SC458. They are notoriously noisy. The recommended replacements, among many are KSC1845, BC549, BC550.

The articles from AudioKarma related to repairs for noisy amplifiers. The Japanese site dealt with rebuilding the Denon DP6000 amongst many DD rebuilds.

Here are some links
Redglobe, Good point about the transistors. I am sure you realize their description as "noisy" has to do with electrical noise, not audible acoustic noise. I replaced all of those transistors in my DP80, or rather, Bill Thalmann did. Bill said something to me about the original transistors being subpar. The DP6000 will work better with upgraded transistors, but I don't think they are the cause of the noise the OP is hearing.
Hi Lew, If you still have the parts list, I would be interested to know the replacement numbers of the transistors. Even if you do not have the corresponding OEM part number, it would be a reference for me.

Based on the Japanese site that I referenced, it seems likely that Bill Thanlmann replaced some of the diodes on your table. Those part numbers would also be helpful.
Dear Redglobe,

You may have covered this but just in case.

When I got mine it had 2 red shipping screws but I didn't realise it and from memory it may have done what yours is doing.

The Red screws are under the platter

Dear FastMick, Thank you for the advice. I wish I had those screws. When I drove it home, I tried to minimize the jostling of the transformer by putting pressure on the mounting screws. However, I could hear it occasionally clank against the underside of the top plate.

The crackling noise that I heard was erratic. Can you recall, did you encounter a similar noise?