Denon x4700h DAC change

Hello 'PRO'S",

was hoping to get an expert opinion.. I have the Denon 4700h. I can still return it. Previously, it had the AKM 4458 DAC. Now, it has the TI PCM5102A DAC. Is this a notable decrease in performance from the chips. From what I am reading, it seems that these chips are inferior to AKM. The original test bench showed very good results with AKM. I searched high and low for tests on the PCM 5102A  with zero luck. 





The DAC chip is only one part of the digital chain, and as noted above Denon seems to have redesigned the circuit to “tune the sound” around the new chip, so given that I’d be surprised if there’s a huge difference in sound. I’d just keep it, especially since you seem to like how the unit sounds. 

it seems that these chips are inferior to AKM

It is not the chips that make the DAC. Its how they are implemented in the design and manufacture of the converter.

but could it sound better?

You`ll have to compare it to another mfr`s DAC.

Thanks for taking the time to chime in everyone. Much appreciated! I knew this could be the go to place to help me with my decision.

There have been several forum threads addressing the differences and uses of DAC chips. It would be useful to take advantage of the search button at top this page.

I used to sell denon and hey sound decent an arcam will blow away your denon

for true performance use an integrated amplifier instead of an avr