Dereneville Magic-Mat

I hadent intended to open yet another tt mat discussion, but just to hear of any other members experience with this mat. One member asked about this on a recent thread, but I couldent find a response. The only decent review I could find was this -
Checked the link and what i see is this mat on Technics SL1200 mkII or related model. The mat is too thin for this particular turntable. The problem with a super thin mat for Technics SL1200 series is tonearm setup, it's impossible to make a tonearm parallel to the record surface on this turntable if the mat is so thin even for the lovest VTA setting of the tonearm (it's never parallel to the record). The original stock rubber mat is not good for the sound, but at least it's thick enough to rise up a cartridge/headshell/tonearm to make it parallel to the record. 

This is a problem for old Technics SL1200 series of turntables only. 
The best mat for them is SAEC SS-300 ! The thickness of that mat is just fine.     
From the same company which brought you:
Dear @lastperfectdaymusic @theophile : Even that I can't attest if the linked report is exactly as they said what is a very good characteristic is that we can use it on top the TT mat. Good.

Ok I found at last a review. I Iike the idea that it is washable.The edge looks a bit unfinished,but at the end it is the enhancement of the listening experience that counts. The other clever part of the design is that it sort of bonds with the record,which t my way of thinking improves the vibration damping qualities. it doesent however stick to the record when you lift it off.
Update,found this on a German page called MINT.
Who wants to achieve a different sound on the pad, is facing a huge range of possibilities. Whether cork, felt or plastic - every base has its own sound character. We did a test in issue 6 and compared the felt mat that previously lay on the editor's plate player with other pads. Our favorite was the Magic Mat of Dereneville. The mat is only 0.38 millimeters thick and consists of a silicone coated fiberglass fabric that is washable and antistatic. In fact, the sound was audibly optimized by the flexidisc-like mat - compared to the felt mat, the sound was punchier and punchier, and we also felt that the music sounded a bit more precise. Because we have been using the mat for two years now,
I have been using the Dereneville mat since last July. I had tried a couple other mats. The Dereneville mat rendered better bass with better mid bass definition and placement. Every instrument and voice, in fact, became clearer and more precisely placed in 3D space.

I liked the turntable mat enough that I ordered Dereneville’s headshell mats which are sold in pairs, in August. The headshell mats are made of the same material as the turntable mat. I placed one mat between cartridge and headshell and the other one on top of the headshell to isolate the mounting hardware.

The results were amazing. I have been digitizing a library of 60’s - 70’s jazz records. Every LP I digitized with the headshell mats has a lower noise floor on the order of 3 - 4 dB. In listening tests the soundstage widened dramatically, and the clarity and spatial placement accuracy are further improved. I was quite surprised at the improvements the little headshell mats made.

Thanks  mre28m5, thats a great review and testimony. I wasent aware of the headshell mat. They are not cheap but in the context of this type of improvement, gives them great value.