Diagonal Speaker Wiring with Jumpers

OK, I’ve read a bunch of threads on this topic and was skeptical, at first. Then, I decided to try the Nordost and AQ suggestions for diagonal speaker wiring with jumpers for my 2-way JA Pulsars. Well, consider me a convert. I settled on the Nordost method, which consists of the + speaker cable end connected to the LF post and the - speaker cable end connected to the HF post. Jumpers are connected to both posts in the usual manner. Holy smokes! I know that, technically, there should be no difference as a completed circuit is a completed circuit. BUT, this arrangement really makes an audible difference. Not only is there more clarity and focus in the treble and bass, but the speakers disappear completely ... I mean, there’s virtually no directionality at all. I have no idea as to WHY this works the way it does, but it works very well and is equivalent to a big upgrade, at least to me. A great, free tweak which is quite satisfying and worth trying. Of course, YMMV.