Didn't They Learn Their Lesson With DIVX

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I really don't like where this one is headed. Self destructing
dvd's today. self destructing cd's tomorrow. And who knows what kind of effect on quality. Folks, we need to to vote with our wallets. Comments?
Um, granted, DIVX was a failure, and this sounds like more of the same. But what's wrong with it? This isn't going to replace permanent DVDs that you can buy. It's just another rental option, one that saves you the second trip back to Blockbuster (or shipping costs back to Netflix, which would allow Netflix or its competitors to lower their prices).

And suppose they extended it to CDs? That would give you a low-cost way to try out a CD without paying full freight. Perhaps they'd even credit you the cost of the rental if you bought the permanent disk. You wouldn't want to do that with thousands of disks, but for items that particularly intrigued you, it might make sense.

As for quality, your player either reads the bits or it doesn't. A well-designed transport should have no problems. But then, not everybody has a well-designed transport.
I second asdf's opinion...

I think our society should start moving away from being so disposable... I see no need for this and think they should be publically humiliated for it.
I third asdf. Whoever brain stormed the idea of disposable CDs, koodles to him. Whoever implemented that idea, though, is WACK!
I'm OK with it. As long as 'new' DVDs are clearly marked & are clearly distiguishable from 'permanant' DVDs, 'new' DVDs & 'permanent' DVDs can be played on current equipment, the prices of "permanant' DVDs don't go up without reason.

I fourth asdf, dummies never learn!