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Bob Dylan finally makes sense....
Sroybal: irrelevant or irreverent? 
CD sound quality
Regarding cheap DVD players as CD players: I have a Samsung HD850 and there's no way I could live with it as my main CD player. How does it rate compared to the DVD players that are considered acceptable? 
soldering iron
Adding to Jasljs's good post: The wattage has to be appropriate for the job. If there isn't enough, you will get a cold solder joint. Too much and applying to much heat (contacting for too long) and you start melting things other than solder. The ... 
Oracle Delphi vs Linn Sondek vs VPI Scout
I auditioned the Delphi MkII against the Linn back around 1980, both well tuned at a good audio store, and the Delphi won to my ears and everybody's at the store, which happened to be a major Linn distributor, and I still own it. 
Acoustat Model 3 MK121 Interface
Any electronics technician could replace the capacitor with a correct replacement from an electronics supply house with matching value, polarity style, and voltage rating. You may want to use an "audiophile" grade capacitor and replace the identic... 
Fine tuning Azimuth - Very postive results
Thanks for the reminder of the importance of Azimuth. I've setup my anti-skate by ear with the size of the soundstage and have had similar good results. Maybe I should mess with my Azimuth now, which I've previously done only by eye.BTW, I think y... 
Unintended lyrics
That was Hendrix not Dylan: "Excuse me while I kiss the sky". 
Paper Cones in HiFi?
Puzzlecoat painted on paper cones can improve the sound. Too much can roll off the highs (relatively speaking, as in causing midrange loss) too much. 
adjusting the bias on an amp YBA
That sounds to me like there is something amiss with your DT. I'd suggest getting it checked out. Everybody else I know that's heard both, including myself, likes the DT better. 
adjusting the bias on an amp YBA
Adjusting the bias refers to the operating point of the output transistors. If the transistors aren't always "on" slightly, there will be a discontinuity at the zero transition point which would actually be visible on a scope with a small signal. ... 
Audio Grade Fuse, Anyone?
YBA uses sand filled ceramic fuses because they sound better. 
It's a Soul Thang
Solomon Burke 
Troubleshoot NAD 3125 integrated
Taking its age into consideration, I'd say you have a few dried up electrolytic capacitors. It wouldn't hurt to rebuild the amp with all new ones. You can go the cheap route and just buy cheapies, or you could spend plenty and use all Blackgates o... 
The Doors on Vinyl or CD
I haven't heard the CDs yet, but my early 80s Jap pressings sound pretty good to me. 
Speakers Speak & Sing Too Much ???
It's echo or pre-echo (if it comes before the real signal) due to print through on the master tape. It's very audible on early Led Zeppelin before Plant screams.