Didn't They Learn Their Lesson With DIVX

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I really don't like where this one is headed. Self destructing
dvd's today. self destructing cd's tomorrow. And who knows what kind of effect on quality. Folks, we need to to vote with our wallets. Comments?
I third asdf. Whoever brain stormed the idea of disposable CDs, koodles to him. Whoever implemented that idea, though, is WACK!
I'm OK with it. As long as 'new' DVDs are clearly marked & are clearly distiguishable from 'permanant' DVDs, 'new' DVDs & 'permanent' DVDs can be played on current equipment, the prices of "permanant' DVDs don't go up without reason.

I fourth asdf, dummies never learn!
I agree with asdf! Remember when the "longbox" packaging for CD's was stopped over the concern for landfill space? Except this plastic crap will NEVER decompose! If there is any justice, these things will oxidize prematurely (within a few hours), or even better oxidize before opening, or in the DVD player, at a critical scene! When you consider that most "non-fi" and low end "mid-fi" gear isn't worth repairing after warrantee, how many of these people will really care about just chucking the software?
The idea of disposable dvd's seems to have died seems to have died on the vine. Now that we can simply download movies off the internet, this no longer makes any sense.