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Will a DAC drastically improve Apple TV?
I have an Apple TV hooked into the digital inputs of my Krell S-1000. Overall, I have been very pleased with the sound. But, even at that, the sound quality of podcasts can vary greatly from podcast to podcast.I do think you will get better result... 
Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
I second Alison Krauss.She's even better in person. 
Krell HTS 7.1 vs. Showcase
I have owned both. What I will say is that one of the biggest differences I found between the two is the sound quality. While the Showcase is a fine pre/pro, the Krell HTS 7.1 is better than the Krell Showcase on movies and especially on music. I ... 
Didn't They Learn Their Lesson With DIVX
The idea of disposable dvd's seems to have died seems to have died on the vine. Now that we can simply download movies off the internet, this no longer makes any sense. 
Suggestions needed. Speaker audition...Dallas?
If you go to Audio Concepts, ask for Gary Sarles. I have dealt with him for years. He is about as down to earth as they come. And he is honest. 
What's the best, or your fave Johnny Cash song?
I admit I'm a little twisted, but my personal favorite is "I Walk The Line". 
Pet audiophile peeves - name yours
Ridiculously high prices 
Any experience with the new Linn Sondek upgrades?
There is an interesting review of the LP12 upgrade in the October 2007 issue of Stereophile magazine. One point I think we all agree on is that this upgrade is not for the faint of heart or thin of wallet. I had to think long and hard before takin... 
Any experience with the new Linn Sondek upgrades?
I respectfully disagree with Mr. Sayles. The point of this little exercise was not to microanalyze each upgrade individually. It was to hear the impact of how the upgrades worked together synergistically. As a whole. Which I felt was greater than ... 
Any experience with the new Linn Sondek upgrades?
I went the whole nine yards on the upgrade, the Keel, the Ekos SE and a new Akiva cartridge for good measure. Threw in a Cirkus II while they were at it. Was it expensive? Absolutely! Did it make a huge difference? You betcha. The improvement in l... 
new Aja 180 gram vinyl pressing just arrived
I had a chance to listen to it on my recently upgraded Linn LP12.IMHO, this was already one of the best recorded albums of all time. In comparing it to previous versions, both standard and half speed master, I must say they've outdone themselves o... 
Krell Preamp function?
I have owned both the HTS and now the S1000. The preamp button, as the manual describes bypasses the digital processing circuitry. The idea is that the digital processing somehow degrades an analog signal, such as a phono. I never could tell much ... 
I've Fallen in Love With My Mistress
Do what all good philanderders do -- KEEP THEM SEPARATED...Then you can enjoy both. 
Anyone heard the new Krell S-1000 pre/pro
While the Krell does sound good, I've noticed that it is very quirky in its operation, particularly through the hdmi connections. 
Krell Service
Sucked. I sent my dvd player in for repairs. They said 2 weeks. It took 3.Ordered a new pre/pro. They said a week. Two weeks later and I'm still waiting.Very disturbing considering that my previous experiences had been like Bobgates.