Differences the Project RS2 Transport and the (newest) Jay's Audio CD2 Mk 3

@jaymark and @charles1dad are owners of the Project PS2 Transport and loving it.  I am between the Jay's Audio CD2 Mk3 and the Project.   However, did anyone compare the NEW 2019 Jay's Audio CD2 Mk3 rather than the prior model Mk2?  Steve Guttenberg reviewed them both and found significant improvement in the Mk3 version sonically.   How close are they now as the Jay's is $2500 and the Project with LTA power is closer to $4,000 (with taxes)?   



I'm impressed with the Jay's Transports.  But may I ask this?  Do all their transports have hum?

I thought I had read a comment or two pertaining to this.  Forgive me if I'm in error.

jackd, I am waiting patiently for your comparion between the CDT2 and the CDT3. I have the CDT2- MK.3 and think it sounds excellent and built like a tank.

Want to know if the CDT3-MK.3 is at much higher level, It does cost much more. I seen the pictures and specs, it's built quality looks impressive!



I ordered on the 12th and was told 7-10 business days plus shipping. The CDT2 will be broken in and the CDT3 right out of the box so it will take a while before they are anywhere close to on equal footing.  I will however give initial impressions.  The first review came out over the weekend in High Fidelity from Poland.  The translation made it hard to follow plus it was dual review of the CDT3 and the new DAC.  His point of comparison for the CDT3 was his $23,000 Ayon spinner.