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Benz Micro Glider Loading
I once had the HO version, yeah, the original 2mv, actual rating 1.9mv.  This I ran like an MM, at 47.5K.  
How to prevent visitors from touching your system
Buy yourself some Covers.  Not affiliated, just a satisfied customer, Digital Deck Covers will make you anything you want.  Wouldn't surprise me, that they'd make you some custom fit covers for a pair of JBL 4350's.   Out of sight, out of mind.  
Denafrips FPGA Firmware Update
I say this above because I have a Terminator II, and am wringing my hands over being able to be successful with any updates. I'm sure there's a number of unknowns at this point for any-all Denafrips owners. Will there then be update versions lik... 
Denafrips FPGA Firmware Update
It was mentioned earlier that a DSP upgrade could be had for $350, but appears not to be the case with the Terminator II-Plus.  
JBL 4367 = Sleep Denervation
Have you tried the 8 ohm taps?  
California Audio Labs
I recall that Approved Audio will sell some parts outright, if that helps.  
California Audio Labs
Hello, This is the only business I'm aware of that still does repair on CAL. I believe they had bought up all remaining stock of parts.    
VPI HW-19 with Graham 1.5 arm Question/Suggestions
I went from Sorbo Pucks to Herbie's Tall Tenderfeet. I used their extra firm model, a lot of weight with the inner Plinth on my HW-19.  They also make a standard model. I felt greater detail came, and better neutrality versus the Sorbo Pucks. Thi... 
Denafrips Ares ii
One question I have for you Denafrips DAC owners, from top to bottom. I have heard it said numerous times about lengthy break in-burn in. Have any of you noticed any such additional need of "waking up", if for say you unplugged this unit for a d... 
Differences the Project RS2 Transport and the (newest) Jay's Audio CD2 Mk 3
I thought I had read a comment or two pertaining to this.  Forgive me if I'm in error.  
Differences the Project RS2 Transport and the (newest) Jay's Audio CD2 Mk 3
I'm impressed with the Jay's Transports.  But may I ask this?  Do all their transports have hum?  
cal. audio lab delta
Here ya go as far as one place to get the Delta fixed. They're pretty much the only game left.  
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
I know much of this thread and speaking of McIntosh sound, the conversations are mostly centered around their Amps. What  about their preamps? How do people feel newer preamps like the C52 and C53 stack up? Perhaps because I'm old school, I like... 
Replacement for my Benz Micro Ruby  
Replacement for my Benz Micro Ruby
Contact Osage Audio, they just might have what you're looking for.