Digital Music Remote for Itunes

Now that I have my music server set up, ((old Mac cube, 400GB hard drive, airport base station wirelessly to airport express to DAC via optical input). I was poking around looking for a remote to control itunes. My Mac being in another room has been the Achilles heal of the whole setup. I was thinking of getting an old Ibook and adding a wireless card and controlling itunes through that, but even on EBay I am looking at $300-$400+. A hard pill to swallow for an old notebook that is just going to be a remote. I have seen things to use your cell phone or PDA but in my experience stopgap measures like this don't quite make for a seamless experience, often more trouble than they are worth. I stumbled across an Itunes remote by Keyspan that can plug into the airport express and communicate w/ the Mac through it. This sounded pretty cool but I still wouldn't be able to see the screen so navigating through my 800+ CD's would still have to be done in the other room. Here is a link.
I was just about to jump on that for $31.34 on Amazon until I took a look at the Keyspan web site and saw this:
Although not released yet this looks Awesome. A remote with a screen that can control an Ipod (who cares) and Itunes. You can read all about it yourself.
I have no affiliation with Keyspan, just thought you guys would like the info.
I followed the same path and finally ended up with "Salling Clicker";
This application runs off my Treo 650 and allows substantial control over my iTunes. Even displays the album cover pic on my Treo. Worth while trying out if you have a compatible PDA.
Many thanks for the posting - this is exactly what I'm looking for. Would love to hear of any reviews that popup once it hits the stores.