Digital quandary advice needed

Help with system setup and equipment
I would like your opinions and equipment experiences in figuring out my dilemma for the best use of my equipment and or recommendations of equipment upgrades. Any help is appreciated. The way I listen to music and watch movies / TV shows I rely more on the Oppo, and my computer than the Marantz features (maybe I am missing something)

My current equipment for this system:
Sunfire Theater Grand IV processor (not in system at this time), Marantz AV7005 processor, Sunfire Cinema Grand Standard (225 x 5) Energy V2.2i main with matching center and surrounds, (2) Sunfire True Subwoofer MK IV, Oppo 103 w/500gb HD FLAC files, HP laptop i5 chip, 8gigRAM, 500gb SSD x 2. Subscriptions to Spotify Premium, TIDAL Lossless stream, Netflix, Sony 70 inch 3D TV. Parasound DAC, GeekPulse DAC & LPS (GeekPulse DAC on order).

1. Is the Darby upgrade 103D or 105D worth it ?

2. Is the Qdeo processor in Oppo usable by running Direct TV HDMI to Oppo HDMI in 1 and HDMI 2 for computer video and would it better the Direct TV image ?

3. AV7005 is used mainly for volume control and switch between Direct TV and Oppo, Do I need the AV7005 or should I replace it with the Sunfire processor running all analog in from Oppo, Computer USB to DAC to analog in on Sunfire.

4. With my equipment limitations do you think I would notice the better DAC replacing the Oppo 103 with the Oppo 105D using analog outs ?

System is used about 80% Comercial TV, 12 % stream, 5% FLAC, 3% Blu-ray. I use the streaming services and FLAC much more with other equipment and headphones. I prefer my system volume at 80-90db for FLAC and HD music.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can make
Q3 AV7005 vs Sunfire ?
I have gone ahead and ordered the OPPO 105D after talking to tech support at OPPO
It cannot be stated enough what great tech support OPPO offers.
My biggest question now is regarding the AV7005 vs the Sunfire Theater Grand IV.
The system will have analog outs from the 105D to the processor
The 105D will have direct TV HDMI 1, and the computer HDMI 2.
the computer will also have a 15ft USB to OPPO USB input.
The computer will provide streaming and perhaps FLAC files if the OPPO has issues with HD attached directly.
Q1 value of 103 to 105D, I will know soon
Q2 yes HDMI to OPPO HDMI in, OPPO processes and feeds HDMI out from OPPO

Q3 AV7005 vs Sunfire processor advice from experience appreciated, please comment

Q4 OPPO 103 vs 105 DAC, analog out to processor, I will know soon
I will try out the GeekPulse DAC once I get it, been a long wait, if it makes a significant difference (that I can hear) vs the 105, then itÂ’s back to the drawing board.
New question
Q5, has anyone used a INTEGRA DPS-8.3 as a transport to good DAC for playback of RED BOOK ?
Again, thank you in advance for any help you can provide