Digital with same soundstage as analog

I have a modest setup, but the analog sounds good to me. Question, can I get the same soundstage with digital by adding a DAC or Streamer?

Current equipment is;

VPI Scout with Hana SL

Parasound A21

Vincent SA32 Preamp

Elac PPA2 

Dyneaudio Emit 30

Oppo 83SE

room is conditioned floor to ceiling and approximately 12x24’

When I play SACD’s, the soundstage is no where near the analogue presence. Maybe it’s the SACD player that’s limiting my experience to go streaming.

Advice based on setup would be helpful

Thanks in advance


The short answer is yes. All things being equal, even better soundstage than analog. As with any piece of equipment what you’ll hear is all relative to the design, quality and more often than not also the cost. Making a generalization of what sounds better, analog or digital depends on the equipment.  Personally, I think that the point of diminishing returns is much lower for DACs and streamers than most other components.

I don’t do analog anymore, but I would say yes, you can get there with digital. Others on this forum have said their digital system is now as good as their analog. You might have to spend a few bucks, and do some trial and error before you get there, but that is half the fun. 





Yes, sounds like you are limited by your SACD player. This point in time, your best bet is to go to streaming.

Both streamer and DAC are critical. In the lower cost points the DAC and streamer improve quickly with cost. I would say once you get a high performance DAC (that matches your tastes in sound) … in the range of $5K - $7K the streamer starts to matter more. But, regardless of investment level you want as good a DAC and Streamer as you can afford and you will be able to beat vinyl at some point.

Not sure why most on here trying to move you away from analog ?

Your question was can I get the sound from a different source. 
My modest setup vinyl sound fabulous. I do enjoy my DAC and steamer 

more for convenience. I use my digital setup for music through the house or dinner time. Your setup is great for vinyl and I would keep listening. I would start with a Bluesound Node. The playback is very good and the app is very easy to navigate. 
of course you can spend $20K on a DAC and streamer if you wish not sure it will sound that much better.