Digitizing from vinyl?

Is there a reasonable way to transfer music from vinyl to CD's for use in the car and/or a portable CD player? I've got a couple of decades of records and most of the good stuff I've bought on CD, as well, but I'd like to have the convenience of CD's for some of the more obscure recordings. I've got a CD burner available but don't know what should go between the turntable and the computer to do the analog to digital conversion. I'd be willing to spend a few hundred dollars if it's possible to do it for that kind of money. Thanks
Doesn't your soundcard have an analog input? The soundcard will have an on-board ADC (analog to digital convertor). If it has a sub miniature jack that takes a microphone you should be able to buy a (sub min jack to RCA phono's) cable that you can use between one of your pre-amp tape outputs and sound card, the turntable going to the regular phono input. Radio Shack should have them. $10 max?
Sfar, this month's Consumer Reports, that fine audio review publication, lists a whole host of CD recorders and duplicators in an article intended to address exactly this. Cassette dubs are history.
If you have a sound card with a coaxial digital input I have got a Midiman Flying Calf A - D convertor for sale. It is a 20 bit and has sampling rates of 48, 44.1, and 32khz. It is brand new in the box. Selling because I got a Flying Cow which is a combo A-D and D-A. E mail at grumpybb@aol.com if interested.
I'll be using a Mac so the sound card is built in but it does have stereo analog input available so I should be able to figure it out. Thanks a lot for the good info.
Don't forget your turntable signal is RIAA corrected. If you go via your phono input on the pre then feed via the tape out to the soundcard you will be OK. If you feed directly to the soundcard then you will have to correct the RIAA curve via software.