DIN adapters?

Just acquired an SME 10 turntable and SME 10 tonearm, already had a sumiko celebration cart. Which is really quite nice. My quandary is my Hovland Musicgroove2 phono
cable won't fit the phono cable outlet on the SME 10.
To do so requires it to be 180 degrees from how it can go on and the aperture available does not allow for it to be put in that position, in short the cable would have to point up and the cable for that turntable has to be pointed down. Am using a Nordost Frey which works but have no way to compare. Just as there are rca to xlr connectors, are there din to din connectors that would allow me to get around this problem? Or does somebody know how it might be worked without damaging the Musicgroove2?
Thanks in advance.
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Hi, yes this is common. I am guessing you are referring to the little post on the
side of the din? I had the same issue years ago. Most dins can be taken apart
then you can rotate it 180. Be careful that the wires, sometimes delicate, don't
break or short. You can also buy a new din from cardas and solder on. Finally,
you can file off the post (some unscrew).

That's a great table, arm, cartridge and cable! I used to own a sme 20/2, sme
iv.vi arm, and that same hovland cable...