Direct Line Question

Would it be better to run direct lines spaced somewhat apart through the ceiling joist , or could you run both through the same hole in the ceiling joist?

The reason I ask is because I am running direct lines into a new room in the basement that already has holes drilled in the joist which could accomadate the 2 direct lines.

Thanks in advance
It shouldn't make that much difference, especially if you run each in its own conduit. If it's Romex, you might want to keep them about 6" apart.
Should the Romex be twisted to cancel interference? How many twists per foot? Twisted which way, counter clockwise north of the equator?, or would that just magnify the Coriolis effect ?
Do Coriolis forces apply to electromagnetic energy? That's a new one on me. Twisting the wire would help reject RFI, but I don't think Romex will twist enough to do that very well. People do twist separate insulated conductors before pulling them thru steel conduit. That's the best if RFI is a problem where you are. I've also pulled Romex thru conduit (I think because the Romex was on sale ;-)
Ah the Coriolis Effect. This is why I always have my speakers facing west. Once the sound leaves the speaker it gets to me faster. :-)