I just started receiving local channels on the dish but had to get a new dish and receiver from Directv, the plus system - the picture is not as clear as before - anyone had that problem? If that's the case I'm going to an antenna.
Hey,pops.3,years on sat.I finally got a 20.00 Radio Shack outdoor antenna.KILLS The Direct feed.I'm about 60 mi.(air) from all the transmitters.I have a good line of sight. I have RR proj.I hated the "mashed potatoes"look to the grass as the camera pans,and the pinstripes that dissapear,with movement.I don't know if you get that with glass tube,but it drove me crazy. None of that w/over the air antenna. Plus saving $6 a month,my antenna pays for itself fast + I get ALL the local channels.
Thanks for the response Avguygeorge - I have a Pioneer elite and paid too much for a crappy picture plus every time I deal with Directv I get upset. I'm going over the air!!