Discussion on Isolation/Coupling of Equipment

I am starting this thread in hopes of creating a constructive discussion on different equipment rack/platform designs, and the different ways of dealing with vibrations and resonances regardless of their origin or their orientation (in 3-D space).

Many feel isolation is paramount while others preach coupling. When is either appropriate? How is any of this accomplished? Which materials and/or designs work better than others? I wish to include the various cones, blocks, Sorbothane feet and so forth in this discussion too.

I am genuinely interested in forum member’s experience. I have not experimented much with different racks or platforms, so I’d like to hear what others have noticed and observed.

I have read through many articles and advertising text on the subject, most recently the Sound Star website:
as well as the interesting points made by Mike Van Evers’ back in 2000:
both of these discuss vibration and resonance control.

Does anyone else have some good reference reading links available?

anybody out there want to do this again? Not me...Dbld, oodles in the archives...been a hot topic, here...Bottom line: there are direct couplers like me, who are very happy, total isolators(decouplers) who are also very happy AND some who mix both, and they are very happy....go figure...peace, warren
Sorry Warren...you are right. I now wish I could delete my post. I found some rather harsh threads and realize this would turn into a very unpleasant beating of a dead horse.

On top of it all, I screwed up my own links even though they seem to direct correctly.