Distortion using Node 2i as streamer with Denafrips Pontus Dac

Hi all, has anyone had trouble with distortion when coupling a Node 2i streamer with a Denafrips Pontus Dac? 
I have tried using an optical, coax and usb connection from my iMac and after about a half hour to an hour I get distortion from both left and right speakers. 
On Alvin Chee’s recommendation I turned off the “Audio Clock Trim in the audio setting of the Node 2i but I still get the same distortion. 
I did have success being able to stream cd music from an Oppo CD player using an optical cable. 
Has anyone experienced similar problems? Any luck getting it resolved? I’ve only had the Pontus for a few weeks. Any suggestions would be helpful. 
I am thinking about trying another Node 2i to hear if I have the same problems. 
Thank you for the link! I am rather discouraged as I spent over $2,000 CAD for the Pontus and I have not been able to enjoy the Dac at all as the problem occurred almost immediately. I will try to help Alvin diagnose the problem if I come to a happy ending. 
When it did work I was overwhelmed how wonderful it sounded. 

My question is this.

If you have a Node 2i, why is there even a computer in the chain? Does not compute.


"If you have a Node 2i, why is there even a computer in the chain? Does not compute."

Wondering the same thing....

My apologies, I don’t think I explained myself properly?

I tried various outputs from the Bluesound Node 2i to the Pontus.

1) My first try was the optical out of the Node 2i to the Pontus using a new optical cable and there was some very strong distortion after an hour of playback.
2) I tried another optical cable that I know is working and same problem.
3) I tried a very short coax cable, same problem.
4) I ordered a USB cable to use from my iMac using Roon and it starts off sounding excellent then after about 15 minutes I have a background white noise that overshadows the music.

UPDATE! Alvin Chee has sent me a firmware update that I will try and hopefully that will clear things up?