Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll

A discussion elsewhere about the future of Class A made me wonder how true one statement really is. So the questions are...

Have you done away with your Class A Amp due to Heat concerns?

Will you be moving away from Class A Amp due to Heat concerns?

Will you never buy a Class A Amp due to Heat concerns?

I only have a class A/B unit that does Class A up to 6 watts with almost no heat so really can't speak for those who have used in the past or currently own and run Class A Amps.


For 2-ch system, I use NcoreMP, 6 channels (LXmini + subs) use 0.8 A (120VAC = 96W) including power to N130 - everything runs cold.

For HT system, the Denon X6400H (class A/B) runs so hot, I added a cooling fan, which is very noisy when it turns on, and is distracting while watching movies.

Having that experience, I avoid gear that needs cooling and/or is very inefficient for myself. I also wouldn't let heat prevent me from chosing gear that is worth the compromise - if I thought it was worth it.

@dekay I use an Atma-Sphere Class D amplifier to drive Quad ESL 57s (15-ohm nominal) with no issues.

I've owned a Krell 100wpc space heater for 30 years, I kinda like the natural warmth in winter. Seriously, I've got a big room and, even then, it can get too warm in summer, so I have to open the door that sits between the speakers. Found out quickly that I preferred the sound with the door open. No more problem with the heat and I have never found a different transistor amp that does acoustic instruments as well as the Krell. Keeping it!

My issues with ss Class A have more to do with weight than heat. But these are niche products, in any event - I don’t think any Class A maker aspires to take over the market - they seem motivated to create products they love and make a living at it, and for that they have my thanks. That being said, when I bought a second amp, it was a tube, so I guess at heart liking the sound still guides me more than practical considerations

I live in the desert.  Burning up in the summer and cold as a witches tit in the winter.

My class A and tube amps collect dust in the summer.  Even my class A/B Quad 909 runs too hot to run for the summer here.

So Class D in the summer, Class A and Tube OTL in the winter...