Do Audioquest Anacondas really make a difference?

1. Do they really make a difference?
2. Are they really worth the money? (US$475)
Go read the new review, in Stereophile's June 2003 issue. It was a good article, and very accurate.
They'll surely not "hurt" you any, sound wise. They are not the best interconnects at that money however. The Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref is better at almost half of that used. But then again system synergy must be considered, as always. I don't find the Audioquest Anaconda's(and I've owned just about every AQ piece available) better than, say, Harmonic Tech Truth link, or AZ WOW for $125 used! Also, comparatively sound wise, Cardas Golden Ref at $350 used is the similar sound. Still, you never know until you try! But, I'd not be interested in a par of Anacondas ever really. It's not that special of "a sound" really. But it is "better cable" if you want upgrade from cheapy entry level stuff I think. That's my opinion anyway.
Audioquest cables have always had a family sound. Price usually bought a little more transparency and refinement. Trying the Anaconda in my system, I found them to be pricey for the performance offered. I really didn't find them to be "That" much better than the Python's. I feel as foreeverhifi, they're better cables for the money. However, system synergy and personal tastes must be factored in. I like the Harmonic Tech and Acoustic Zen cables better.
Who knows, try them in YOUR system and see how it goes. One absolute in audio is that there is no absolutes! Cables are in that anything goes area!
My current system consists of:

Vandersteen 3A Signatures
Belles 350A Power amp
Audible Illusions L-1 (L-2 on the way)
Meridian 508-24
Bi-wire of Acoustic Zen Satori
Harmonic Tech Prosilway MkII Interconnect
(I have tried about every cable around and fell back to these for the money. I also like Tara Labs "The 1 and/or 2" for a lot more money)

Perhaps only in your pocketbook...unless you have deep pockets and your wad is burning a hole in it!

Audioquest spends BIG bucks on advertising and we are paying for it. I've been very happy with Coincident cables out of Canada - excellent quality and affordable. They don't come up used very often but buying new is cheaper than buying a used Anaconda.

Happy listening!
I upgraded to anaconda from viper and found the anaconda to be far superior to the viper in every detail and well worth the investment.

Upgraded from Python to Anaconda. Same tonal balance but the Anacondas had the detail that was missing from the Pythons. Dollar wise the Anacondas cost about 10% of the two components they are connecting.
I'll echo Robo300 here in saying that I think the Stereophile review is accurate. I used the Anacondas for several months before deciding they didn't let through the nth level of detail that I like to hear. Personally, I decided to go with silver after I had an opportunity to audition the AQ Amazons (which provided more detail, but were outside the realm of my budget).

Essentially, you need to try a variety of cables and decide what works for you. You could go to your local dealer and see if it provides loaner cables for audition. Additionally, you could try out several of the "boutique" cable makers which offer much fairer pricing (IMO)--and have audition policies. This is the road I took, and I'm very happy. I much prefer the cables I use now (smoother highs and better detail) to the Anacondas.

My system:
Ft Audio LW-1>Odyssey DM>Nht vt-1.4.
Connections via Ridge Street Audio Midnight ICs and SCs.