Do people really just not get it that their items are not selling...

simply because they are over priced? 
When you look at the value in the blue book you will be amazed, I was.The tone from retro surpasses most new one up and have a peep at the build!I rework them all for the love of retro..and the $$$
of course you ended up paying the paypal fee .....that should never be the buyers responsibility..
Agree; if you're selling used gear for anything over 50% list then don't be shocked if it doesn't move. 10/10 open box, or 9/10 "5 hours use" isn't particularly impressive, either. Many items have to go beyond that 50% discount, depending on circumstances (speakers are always a hard sell due to shipping/hassle, and cartridges due to delicacy/trust). And there will always be obvious low-ballers looking for a score or a quick flip; ignore them too. 
I get this and have a question. I am THINKING about selling a set of speakers that was refurbished by the factory to new and just have remained in their sealed boxes since I have another pair I listen to. Back then, these sold for a bit over $1500/pair. Newer models run over $30,000.

Should I ask 1/2 original retail? The refurb and shipping cost more than that, but if I ask MORE than 750.00 will anyone be interested?