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Usher's 718 BE monitor: Is it competitive with other monitors of the same vintage ?
very competitive and at used price better than anything else...  
Do people really just not get it that their items are not selling...
of course you ended up paying the paypal fee .....that should never be the buyers responsibility.. 
Do people really just not get it that their items are not selling...
no noiseWhat speakers and where do you live!! 
Advice on buying good CD player that will outperform my Primare cd31
I had a Primare Cd 31The Ayre cx-7e was much better, fuller more meaty presentation with out missing any detail. try it it's a great unit. 
Insider or Outsider? To be or not to be,...?
Clearthink....I love the term Winkly Dinkers....I have to use that one. 
Best $40 I've spent...maybe ever
I think I will clean my connections, it's been a long time.Cleaning with Ethyl alcohol produces slurred vocals.Never use peanut butter! 
Small or large sub for music
Just get a larger room, sorry thats not an answer...big woofer more full deep bass, small woofer better tunefulness most the time, big woofers are better for some , small better for others, depends on what sub what room, what you like... thanksMatt 
Filling speaker Stands?
Anytime you have a cavity you should have it filled. 
Upgrade my power conditioner?
get rid of power conditioner , we can't hear the difference..... 
Speakers under $5000 maintained a reputation for quality sound over the last 15 years.
vandersteen 3 a sig, Aeriel acoustics 7b or 10t, Revel F30, Magnapan ...Not 15 years old but Usher is very, very good....Dancer series.Also if you can find for under $5000 the Wilson Audio Sophia 1, wow.!!These are all recommended from personal ex... 
Speakers for aging audiophiles - What's with today bass emphasis ?
Silverline Audio Prelude Plus Not a bookshelf speaker but, Lightweight for easy moving and placement, small footprint, easy to drive. Addicting imaging and detail, surprising bass depth that is light, well damped and tuneful not at all overblo... 
I agree with someone up there....get a good musical sub!Bass makes everything better. 
There is a Harman Kardon HK 990 on Agon right now....great review in Stereophile...I was curious myself awhile back and was going to buy one but none were available at the time.  
Albums you can listen too all the way through and it's all good
how about CD's that you like to play all the way through...maybe some more modern recordings? 
Hype, Hyperbole and high price!
I hooked up my rca cables with the arrows pointing towards the CD player and the music played backwards. Pushed the phase button on my pre-amp and fixed the problem.