Do you consider cables to be a "component" of your system?

Meaning, do you think that cabling (AC/InterConnects/SpeakerWire) should be considered a component that is integral to your system?

I have probably as much money in cabling and fuses as I do in most of my components (if not more).

Please, please, PLEASE don't tell me that cables don't make a difference. I disagree and there's nothing you can say or do that will change my mind, so save it for another thread, please.

I just wondered if you had to recommend a set up to someone (who wanted a nice stereo), would you consider cabling to be essential in your build price and your recommendations? If so, would you consider the cost of the cables to be on par with the cost of a component?




@1971gto455ho -

You're certainly interested in good sound & are enjoying your system, cool... That is what it's about.

FWIW I wouldn't cut any of your PC's either. It may however be worthwhile to check out some used "Colorado" IC's from Audioquest, or even "Golden Presence" IC's from Cardas, just to see if you like the sound quality these bring to your system.  

@1971gto455ho ,

I can appreciate that you don’t think that AC cords (or any cables) can make a difference in a system and are just shiny audio jewelry.

I am a big fan of older Yamaha amplifiers myself.

The models you listed are PA amps from the 80’s. Hardwired AC cabling and those (unfortunately) little speaker connection screws that Yamaha always seemed so hell-bent on using.

They have cool VU meters. In terms of raw power, vintage Yamaha’s are beasts. But they’re certainly not what I would call refined (or transparent) by any stretch. And unless you have kept up on maintenance (being that they are from the 80’s), I’d be willing to bet they are so far out of original spec that they’re probably not worth refurbishing back to manufacturer’s original values.

Which is the problem with vintage gear.

So, I’m not surprised that you can’t hear a difference. It’s impossible for you to try a different AC cable. Unless you’ve modified the amplifier’s speaker terminals, it’s pretty much impossible for you to try any after-market pre-terminated high end speaker cables as well.

I’m glad you enjoy your system, but your continual denial and arguing that cables don’t make a difference for anyone else in the world doesn’t hold a whole lot of weight.

I would be willing to bet that if you popped in a newer, higher-end amp/preamp, would not only be able to tell a difference, you would be floored by the differences.

But until then, you do you, but please stop telling the rest of us what we can and can’t hear.

FWIW, I'm a Jaguar kind of guy. 😎 








Kind of presumptuous, I never said cables of any kind don’t make a difference, I do have issues with some of the ideology and sales promotion. Rest assured my equipment has been refurbished and upgraded internally and to any possible higher standards available. Having said that many accomplished professionals are of the opinion that some of these components exceed The values of many amplifiers currently available. Your opinion ‘Transparent or refined’ is just that..your opinion ! And I might add based on valueless speculation as you’ve not had the pleasure of listening to this system. There has been effort, research, and money put into this project and you can certainly hear it. And finally if you have an XKE V12 I am in awe, aside from that they generally ride like a wheel barrel, that’s based on my opinion Lol. 



Ps: The Pc 5002m amplifier is internally a carbon copy of the 101m amplifier and most people that actually know Yamaha product of the past realize that this was no PA amplifier. Feel free to make comparisons with today’s standards.