How many of us are truly satisfied with their systems?

By truly satisfied, I mean, zero desire to change a thing-

I'll raise my hand- and being at a happy place with my system is a happy thought- 

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I have said I'm completely satisfied many, many, many times. I just purchased a new TT. Now I'm satisfied. Wait what about upgrading the cart. 
I can say that I am truly there, not interested in even cable changes at this point, the system sounds amazing and will only make a change if I have a piece that wears out or breaks. Now with that said, for the need to tinker and compare pieces, I started putting a headphone system together for my home office and am having a blast doing so. I am really surprised at the great deals available as you cut your budget back to a reasonable amount and take advantage of the trickle down technology that the big $ pieces award you.
I am fairly sure that the only time I will not feel like I may need to change something will be when I am 6 feet under!

Morbid maybe but likely the truth.....
For example just moved to Maggie's for speakers.
Now wondering how much better the more upmarket Maggie's might be.

And on it goes......
A wise man once inquired, how can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all?
The truly wise man never claimed to be wise at all ....
Old Uber saying.....
You got it backwards. A stupid man doesn’t claim he’s stupid. - Old audiophile axiom
There are 3 embedding grids  that determine the quality of the sound : first the audio grid interlinked components,second the electrical house grid, third the acoustic room grid... If you had taken care of these 3 you already have a good system, at any price, even if your system is cheap...My system is 1000 bucks all included, speakers,headphones,dac, amplifier and the sound quality is so good that I will not upgrade anything soon ...I am satisfied, first and foremost by all the tweaks I used in these 3 embeddings...
He was in a little place called Nowheresville. It’s right down the road from Palookaville.
mahgister, you’re very close but you missed three embedding grids. One is the rf in the air. The second missing grid is vibration. The third missing grid is information fields. I bet you weren’t expecting that one!
Geoff I include the vibrations in the audio interlinked components grid already, the electrical house grid included all EM phenomena in the house and out of the house like  street transformer etc... i cannot create a field for each fact, the 3 fields included many facts and factors indeed...For the information field you are some inches in front of me indeed! lol
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But the essential point is, are we satisfied with our system? Or differently expressed, are we listening to it without be bothered by evident defect? The answer is yes for me...Nothing is perfect and I like to tweak it, perhaps tomorrow with a try with Geoff resonators , who knows... I am satisfied but curious if the cost is low... Geoff sell low cost tweaks it is a good point...
It’s a truism that all audiophiles truly believe their systems are the greatest thing since chunky peanut butter. No exceptions. I think they call it resting on one’s laurels. 🌿 Oh, sure, they might dick around a little bit from time to time, and there will be a small flurry of activity, just to claim they’re still in the game. 😬
Good point made! But my point is only this one; a good system can be very good and cheap, I never say that mine was the better, I only say that I am satisfied and sure I like to tweak by my own design but your produtcs are cheap and attractive I am tempted...Lucky you are I am still in the game tempted to purchase some ...For sure for  the price paid for all components ( 1000 bucks for all in all) I think that my system is better indeed than butter peanut ...
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For sure you are right, but my mind has changed when I had listen to unaffordable system some long times ago compared to my old system , after that I wanted musical experience with good sound quality I never had but at a low cost... I have it now and I am proud of my tweaks and the ratio price/quality sound now... The satisfaction is in my mind yes but the road to gain this place in my mind cost me 1000 bucks+tweaks… I say that to answer this question Zavato asked...

By the way I try the fridge magnet with success...I thank you...
Right now I'm reaping great satisfaction thanks to an experimental tweak. Before that, I was experiencing great satisfaction. 

Goes to show ya.

All the best,
I have not made a change in 9 years, not counting new tubes.  I am down sizing, so new room treatments for the big Maggies (3.6) and a new system - TBD - for the living room.
It's not natural for an audiophile to be wholly satisfied with his or her system. There's always something to improve.
I agree with mazian. I am happy with my system, but am always planning what I think will be improvements. I don't let that get in the way of my enjoyment though. Once upon a time I did. 
I  am truly happy and done with my main rig but I may upgrade  the Integrated amp in my secondary system to a more current McIntosh.  That's it, as I am now retired, I don't have as much disposable income as I had when working.
Im not satisfied thats why my system continues to evolve and improve through the tweaking and incremental improvements that add to the total sum of the desired SQ Im trying to reach.

Also being retired and funds not being what they once where the biggest economical improvements continue to be through improved electrical current being provided, last great tweak was installing three Bybee IQSE in my electrical panel as suggested and for less then $300.00 the improvements are significant.

No manufacturer will ever say, "I sell you something that you do not need." He will always say, "I sell you a thing without which you can not get along." This transformation of the superfluous into necessary creates the so-called consumer.
At present, I'm also in a happy place with my system, but the old saying "curiosity killed the cat" comes to mind. I would think most of us are curious types who honestly enjoy the gear. (We certainly enjoy chatting about it endlessly.) Please, someone explain exactly where the curiosity on/off switch is located inside my head. Please.
I’m always on the lookout 👀 for the next fix, on the prowl. 🦍 Am I the only one who gets easily bored with the sound? If I can’t double the performance I’m having a bad week.
I am, well, I thought I was. Here is the story:

Since writing about the above system 2 years ago I now find myself thinking about upgrading the McIntosh C50 to a C52. I must be an audiophile! All the same, I still think this system is incredible as is.

You cannot be bored by the sound...If you are Geoff it is because you are not satisfied by the actual musicality of your audio system...It is my own experience...When you have it you listen to the music and forget more of the sound...
For now, I am happy with my system. I merely have a Yamaha N803 receiver, Yamaha CD player, my old Sansui SR525 turntable, Vandersteen speakers and I stream Spotify.  I would like to upgrade and have been tempted at the stereo shops but my knowledge is very limited so I've resisted the buying, selling, trading, upgrading, tweaking war which I know would be a never ending expense. I am starting to weaken though and I've heard a few systems that really blew me away.  Maybe I'll do what I often do for now.....procrastinate.
I am totally almost satisfied with my system...>>>   No I'm not !  , Yes , I am <<<    No, I am not !  Yes... I  <<<< ... and so it goes ...  Accckkk !  
What I was trying to say is something analogous to a person who buys a new Mustang and often gets bored pretty soon and starts looking for ways to make it run faster. So, he buys some new high performance wheels and new tires. Which satisfies him for a while. But before long he’s bored again and starts looking around for something else to improve performance. What’ll it be? New exhaust system? High performance cams? Maybe cryogenically treat some engine parts? Where does it all end? 😛

A climber says to his buddy, Wow! What a view! So this is what it looks like from the top of Everest! His buddy replies, dude, we’re only at Base Camp! 

Metaphors be with you!
Perhaps I am no more a complete integer audiophile after all!  Metaphors be with me...
I have not turned my system on in weeks but I like the way it looks.
The key is to not go to audio shows.  Once you hear better you want it and have to buy it.
I agree, don’t go to audio shows. But for a different reason. Because the sound generally sucks, very generic at best, so you’ll be disappointed and get a false idea of what’s possible. ☹️
Prior to my move in 2018 I hadn't changed anything for many years.  I had the same speakers for over 25 years and I've had the same Amp for 21 yrs (one repair/recap).  DIgital sources having evolved somewhat over that time, I went through three iterations on the front end.  Now that I've settled on replacement speakers, and once again look forward to listening each night, perhaps I will retreat back into that happy stasis.

The amp does run a little hot... :)
If someone has been satisfied for 10 or 20 years, I may start to believe him.

If an audiophile says "I recently introduced X in to my system and it's so wonderful I'm totally satisfied and I'm 'done.'"

Then this means nothing.
 How about If a persons system has been unchanged for four years, and that person says they are absolutely thrilled with the way things are. Does that mean anything?
Not really. Everybody says he’s absolutely thrilled with his system. Even your humble scribe.