Do you ground your bearing?

I recently began to ground the bearing on my table (well...I recently *securely* attached a ground wire to the bearing) and I've noticed much less noise (leading me to believe much of the "rice krispies" I've experienced had nothing to do with the condition / cleanliness of the vinyl.

I've not seen much discussion about this before, and I'd suspect most tables don't make this a logistically simple task. But it's easy with Teres and Galibier bearings.
My Michell is grounded, and came that way. I once tried grounding a VPI Aries but it didn't make much difference as I recall. Maybe yours is an unusual case...
I earth ground the bearing on my Basis Debut turntable. Noticeable improvement.
Basis claims it helps reduce static. I've never tried it without the ground.
If the bearing in your turntable isn't grounded, you are missing a bet. If the bearing isn't grounded, it and the platter can generate a small amount of electricity as it spins past the magnetic field of the cartridge.
I did add a ground wire from the bearing on my TNT to the grounded SAMA. I was getting wicked shocks during the winter that have all but gone away. Worth wile 50 cent tweak.
I include a ground wire on my terpolymer subchassis for the AR turntables...important detail.