Dodson 218 or Weiss Medea DAC for my Esoteric X-01

I'm contemplating the purchase of a Dodson 218 or Weiss Medea for my Esoteric X-01 and am looking for thoughts along those lines. I'm pretty much decided on one or the other so please keep the comments specific to those units. thanks!
Matrx, take a look at my thread entitled, Reference DACS: An overall perspective, it contains information on both the Weiss Medea and the Dodson DACS you are interested in.

I'll offer a disclaimer up front that I am a Dodson dealer and that I use the DA-218 in my personal system. I'm comfortable responding to your question, because the DA-218 and Medea are pretty different in sound characteristics, so in the end it will come down to your personal taste (and nothing a non-pushy dealer could ever say to you...!)

I've had a chance to compare the DA-218 against the Medea (both being driven by the Weiss Jason transport). When it comes down to absolute detail, the Medea wins by just a hair. The Medea is also quite special when it comes to harmonic richness and high frequency refinement. In comparison, the DA-218 offers a more full-bodied presentation, with faster/deeper bass and a more rounded sound. Both are very musical and engaging...neither is "weak" in any particular area, so my comments above are more about where I hear their strengths, and not a knock on either.