Doe you enjoy your listening to music and your system more with others or alone?

It’s no doubt that us as Audiophiles spend a lot of time listening to music by ourselves. It’s just the way
it’s, a hobby most others don’t understand. So do we prefer to listen by ourselves or is it more enjoyable 
with others? For myself, I generally enjoy listening by myself. Usually when another Audiophile friend is over listening it becomes more about the sound ( system ) than the music. Also, they only want to hear
music that brings out the best in the system and for myself let’s just listen to what’s playing. 
Non-Audiophiles tend to get bored easily if they don’t like the music, and can be even more picky about
what music you play for them. Non-Audiophiles put no value in the sound. They only want to hear their favorite music and that can be even more frustrating. At least acknowledge it ( sound ) even if you can’t hear the difference.
For myself it’s more enjoyable alone, but that doesn’t mean all the time, or does it?

It depends on my frame of mind and the situation.
But I mostly prefer listening to music alone (as if anyone cares... lawl).
 Once my guest see's the set up i't's over. Novice or audiophile.  Not listening to the music much anymore. Too much distraction and judgement. Dark room , 3 songs, Female vocal, rock, and classical. Turn up the lights and let them see it the stuff. Better experience for the guest. and myself.
This work's for me and a lot more fun.  
I have a whole house system with a dedicated pair of speakers in each room. The music is playing whether there are guests or not. Of course I curate the mix for the pleasure of the majority depending on guest(s). Its all my music so its all good for me.
Sometimes with just one or two guests they may become particularly engaged with the music/sound itself and I can push the envelope and/or share something unusual. That can be extra fun.
I think it's a rare soulmate you find when someone enjoys music the way you do.  My friends make fun of me for shushing them to listen to a specific part of a record I put on.  But every once in  a while as I abandon the room full of conversation and focus on the music, I find a buddy that is living for that moment with me in the alternatively viscous world of the sound.  So even in a crowd of room I am alone with my music. It's just a bit more effort when others are around.  When you're alone you can set this atmosphere just as you like it.