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What do you sit on?
@jjss49  I’m with you on this one 
How do you cope with dust build up ?
Keep that swifter away from your phono cartridge  
Doe you enjoy your listening to music and your system more with others or alone?
I agree with gents.And middlemass.  
Should people who can't solder, build or test their speakers be considered audiophiles?
I have a pretty nice stereo system, I love music, own a couple of turntables and know my way around a soldering iron. And I could not possibly care less about whether I have the qualifications to be labeled as an audiophile. Why would anyone care? 
McIntosh, your experience?
I’ve owned Pioneer, Yamaha, NAD, Counterpoint, ARC, Pass Labs, and presently have all Mcintosh. The Mac stuff sounds great, looks great, is well built and dependable. It also holds it’s value better than most and I hear the service is very good. I... 
DAC or CD PLAYER?...again
I had a a Rega Planet CD player. It quit reading discs a few weeks after the warranty expired. They wanted $400 to fix it. I passed on that. I have not had good luck with Rega products. YMMV 
Not much talk about Yamaha turntables.
I bought a Yamaha YP-D6 new back in the late 70s. Put it in a closet when I got my first CD player in ‘85. Fortunately I kept all my vinyl. Years later I got the old turntable out and spun some records. Couldn’t believe how good they sounded. Insp... 
12 years or 18 years?
Party pooper. ^^^^^ 
Can speakers sound worse during break-in period?
^^ good one ! 
looking for a preamp for pass XA30.5
Pass X-1 works well with the 30.5. Should be within your budget  
You could work for any manufacturer, past or present...
Nelson Pass 
Need tips to better my sound
What he said ^ +1 
Advantages of owning equipment from major audio brands vs. boutique shops?
Lotsa bangs 17 ??? 
Cat jumped on turntable
Cat jumped on turntable =Cat buried in back yard