Does a DAC like this even exist?

It seems I need a DAC with a volume control that is either Bluetooth or radio controlled. One feed from my server goes to an amp and DAC that feeds the outdoor speakers. I have been using ROON to control the volume as well as other functions. Unfortunately the software volume control ROON provides malfunctions horribly. It randomly shoots up the the top on its own. You can imagine how much fun this is. I have inquired with them many times. They are "working on it" for like two years now and it has just gotten worse over time and now it is happening every time I try to use it. I like ROON but in this situation I can't use it anymore. So, I'd like to know if there is another controller like ROON that has software volume that functions properly. If not I hope to find a DAC or preamp that lives indoors that I can control while outdoors. 


A cheap alternative is the new Wiim Amp ($300).  A pretty impressive product!

The Lumin Leedh volume control is almost perfect. The best control I have heard on a DAC or streamer. I did a shootout with my Benchmark LA4 preamp vs the Lumin X1.

The volume control on the LA4 is hard to beat by any gear. The Leedh matched it sonically until the very lowest volume. At that low range the Leedh no longer had consistent adjustments of the volume. Nitpicking. the Leedh is the only DAC I would use direct to amp if I were not to use the LA4.

I used ROON with the Lumin. I never had an issue with the volume. I used the streamer to stream into the Lumin X1 DAC (with fixed ROON volume) and also streamed out to via the Lumin SPDIF to control a PeachTree GAN1. The GAN1 has no volume control so I used the Leedh. I forgot if I also streamed to the GAN1 using variable ROON volume. Too many Lumin settings to remember now.

I think that a Bluesound Node, which is a streamer/DAC with BlueOS, which is easy and fun to use, will do what you need.


Control of Bluesound NODE is via WIFI, which in my house extends beyond its walls.