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Philharmonic Audio BMR Towers
  @mgrissom, just for my enlightenment, please tell me how balanced cables can be out of phase?  Not questioning your intelligence.  Maybe mine!  
Cornwall iv
Really, the CW4’s are great with many amps, and types of amps.  I’ve even had good luck with a Fosi V3 recently.  Quite good, in fact.  
Solid State Low powered Amplifiers
Vista Spark.  An A/B integrated amp putting out about 20wpc.  Sounds great at low to moderate spl’s, and less than $500.  
A great minimalist integrated?
Belles Aria.  
Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.
+4, or is it +5 for the Sugden.  It seems to cover all your requirements, and is especially organic.  My only issue is it is a bit noisy with my Cornwall 4’s, but they are super sensitive.  Wonderful sounding amp!  
Newer Blues Artists or Recordings
The Nighthawk Larry McCray Freddie King Sugar Pie DeSantos Watermelon Slim R.L. Burnside Paul Butterfield Son House  
What do you think is the best integrated amplifier under 1000
If small form factor is important, the Vista Spark is less than $500, and sounds mighty good!  
Klipsch Cornwall IV and Luxman Integrated
My favorite amp, so far, is the Moonriver 404R (with CW4’s).  Getting ready to try them with a Naim Nait 50 and very excited about the possibilities.  I’ve never really enjoyed them with tubes.  
Why do we demand so much from our systems?
  hilde45 4,561 posts 01-23-2024 at 09:31am  It's because we've become empty inside and only consumer purchases can fill the aching void.   +1  
Recommendations on integrated amps
For $300 you can get a Wiim Amp and be done with it.  Has a built in streamer, dac and amp.  Puts out about 60wpc into 8ohms.  Sounds damn good!  What’s not to like?  
Sub $1000 DAC with AKM chip
I think Geshelli also makes a dac with an ess sabre chip.  I chose the akm but the ess was an option.  
Sub $1000 DAC with AKM chip
Geshelli Labs makes a very good dac using an AKM chip.  Less than $500 when I bought mine.  
Should I steer clear of class D amps
The  only class d amp I’ve had experience wp Is a Nord nc252 (hypex, iI think).  Recently, I’ve been listening to the Fosi V3 chip amp, and have to say, to my ears, it sounds better than the class d amp.  Sweeter,  better dynamics, and more hologr... 
integrated amp with phone for graham ls6 under $4000 new
Check out the Moonriver 404R, soldby “On A Higher Note”, there in California.  They also sell Graham speakers, and usually pair them at audio shows.  I have the Moonriver, and love it.  
Cen. Grand DSDAC 1.0 (vs Pontus II)
So, since the Cen Grand seems similar to the PS Audio DS, can anyone who has heard both compare the two?  Love my DSJr., but it’s getting old and am considering something new.  Appreciate it.