Does anyone have custom-made earbuds?

I am a writer working on a story for a well-known newspaper. I would like to interview some audiophiles about their experiences with custom earbuds that fit directly in the ear canal. Ultimate Ears, Westone Labs, Radio Partner, Sensaphonics, etc. --- all brands welcome. I'd love to hear the good and the bad.
Please feel free to contact me via e-mail.
Thank you.
As an anesthesiologist, we use such ear pieces, while they can be confortable, I have fund them to be 'facially positional'... meaning if I was smiling when the molds where made, they fit best when smiling, and so I found I had to try to be bored to get them to be tolerable for most of my day.
I have had mixed experiences, both in terms of comfort and performance with Etymotics earphones.

I found the seal to be inadequate with all of the supplied earpieces and therefore went to the trouble to have custom ear pieces made by someone recommended by the company.

In the end, I had weird goop injected in my ear by someone who clearly was not a doctor, in a sketchy "office", an acoustic seal that was slightly better but still unsatisfactory, and comfort that was still somewhere between mediocre and bad.

The Shure headphones, by comparision, have both sounded better and felt more comfortable.
not sure about the brand options, or if those you mention fit into the pro-sound catagory, but a lot of folks are using in-ear monitors for live performance. I would think the seal would have to be good to inhibit stage volume blead and the fidelity should be good as well.