Does anyone have experience with Reavon universal disc players?

I'm looking for a nice machine to play CDs, DVDs, and maybe stream Tidal, etc.  Does anyone have recommendations?


Yes, I think the Reavon is exemplary for disc playback but lacks streaming features. The Panasonic has minimal streaming features and lacks SACD playback. I chose to go with Sony because it plays every disc (including MCH SACD), has DLNA (so you can stream Tidal or whatever using the Bubble UPNP app).

If you prefer SOA I would recommend a Zidoo UHD 5000 and connecting an outboard blueray disc drive (purchased separately), check out all the features. Note:

*Supporting external BD/DVD (unencrypted)/CD discs and CD ripping.
*Complete BD/BD3D/UHD Blu-ray menu playback and Blu-ray seamless branching playback are supported.

*TIDAL connect music streaming and high-definition online video playback are supported. DRM Widevine L1 is also supported.


Yes, I think the Reavon is exemplary for disc playback ...

That’s good to know! What model Reavon are you using?

Thanks for your suggestions, Kota!.  I didn't realize those Sony machines handle CD and SACD. The streaming part isn't a deal-killer since there are many options to fill that need.  Pardon my ignorance but what is SOA?

I was number 4 in the que and therefore one of the first purchasers of the middle model which is a transport.

Build quality: The drawer is a flimsy wobbly affair that may end up on your listening room floor any day. The drive mechanism clanks and wheezes and gave me no hope for a long life. Otherwise solid and beautiful.

UI: The operation is video first almost demanding you have a video monitor on continuously. To constantly have to go through a DVD menu to play music is more than I could live with.

Service: They may have worked out the kinks, but my player would not play DVD Audio at all and had a couple of other issues that I have thankfully forgotten. I won't go into detail, but lack of manners and condescension factored in.

In returning the defective player they made me cover the return shipping!

You have been warned. 


SOA is "state of the art", Sony’s top disc player was in their ES line which has been discontinued. The Zidoo model I linked to has features above and beyond any disc player (or media player) I am aware of. At $1K it is about the same price as the Panasonic UB9000 but with an Android 11 OS. It is NOT a good video streamer but if you want to rip your files, store them on a drive and play them back its a beast. With Tidal is will decode MQA and play back the videos too. No disc player can do that, you would need a separate DAC.