Does anyone out there owns Hales Concept 3's?

I'm purchasing a pair of Concept 3's, but I have never heard them. For what I have read about the now defunct brand, they seem a quality product that can probably compete with Thiels 3.5's and 3.6's.
I have not been able to find any reviews on the Hales Concept 3's, thus I would welcome the imput of any current or former owner of a pair of C3's.
I used to own a pair of these. They are good speakers. I compared them to Theil 10 years ago when I had them. I bought the Hales. Hales sold to another company (Wadia, I think)-then the that venture went belly up. Since then, Wadia was bought and is functioning again. Hales never recovered-at least from what it was.

They like power, plan on having a high power solid state or tube amp. I believe they are internally wired with Cardas, and you can use the speaker set up guide on for placement.

If you are getting a good price on them, it's likely a good purchase if they are in good shape.

Good luck
I own a pair of Concept three's. I have to tell you that these are surprisingly agile speakers. The best thing about them is the concrete front baffle. It does make a difference and I do perfer these to the Trancendence series,(aside from the amazing T-8). They are built like tanks and are not too finiky on placement, but if placed correctly, will shine on soundstaging and dynamics. Weighing at nearly 200lbs each, they can be tedious if you have to move them often, so if you can set it and forget it you will save yourself a hernia. I had them set up in a larger room and they performed great. You can get them at pretty good prices so I think of them as an audio bargain. I only switched over to Apogee's because I fell in love with ribbons otherwise I would still be playing my Hales.