Does anyone where can buy a silver audio research sp20 in the United States

Looking for a audio research sp 20 in the us $4000-$4500

need the phono stage

want to use pay pal to protect buyer and seller

had someone selling an sp 20 that wanted me to send a check and when it cleared he would send me the unit. (Yea, no)

I have an sp6 that I am swapping out 

I hear tell this will no be a big improvement

non on e bay

no reverb

non on us audio mart

any other audio research suggestions with phono stage (not line stage)

sp 14 -15?


You need to place a 'wanted to buy" ad here or on USAudiomart. This forum is not for buying or selling.

Hifi Shark. Save a search and you’ll get an email update when you get a hit. Be patient, it might take a while. Be ready to pounce when you get a hit.

You can also use search to see what the units are selling for.

I have a black SP9 MKll😉, but I’ll keep an eye out for a SP20 in silver.

I didn’t ask for anyone to sell me one

i just asked if any of the experts knew where to find one


Where do I put the want to buy?

also any opinion on using a audio research ph 5 and a reference 6 as a preamp with a phono stage?