Does Power Cord Require Burn-In To Sound Good?

I recently bought a new power cord but there isn’t much difference in sound quality between this new cord and the previous Wireworld Elektra 7 which it replaces. The cords are used on the DAC.

Any ideas if the cord needs to burn in to open up and sound better? It currently has about 5 hours on it and I think I prefer the sound quality of the previous cord which costs 10 times cheaper.

Any thoughts appreciated.
It just seems so "Odd".
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(I hope this works).
I’m a believer in PC burn-in because I can hear the changes. I’m not going to debate in yet another cable break-in thread, I'm only giving an opinion.
I use two different brands of power cables in my system, one inexpensive, the other rather pricey.
It’s interesting that both manufacturers believe in break-in of their cables. One is a dealer/manufacturer for Furutech and he puts his PC’s on a cable cooker for hours. The other designer recommends a break-in period. They site specs and measurements, but still the cable needs to be run-in. Maybe it’s because they’ve designed and built the cables with certain materials for conductors, dielectric, shielding, etc. that provides them this knowledge of cable performance.

I do believe that if your system isn’t revealing enough, sonic changes in cables may not be noticed. And some low current components may not present a perceived change in aftermarket and stock cables.

I installed a Nordost QX4 a few months ago and it has made a significant and positive difference in my system. More soundstage and more depth. 
Power and its handling is the heart of the system. Power cords and a conditioner. Try Nordost. 
I assume you have a power conditioner of some type.  If not I would suggest a Shunyata with their cords which have been broken before shipping.   Use NR cables for equipment and XC cable to connect from the wall outlet to the power conditioner.   Also, replace your wall outlet if you have not done so with a hospital-grade outlet.   The outlet will provide better wall connectivity. 
in my experience, the power chord is the least effective piece of gear to affect sound quality in my rig.