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Auralic Vega G2.2 Owners
Received my Vega g2.2 last week, after short break-in here is my impressions. I Upgraded from Altair G2.1 which was very good stage and detail. The Vega g2.2 is amazing, sound - detailed without being analytical. On tracks i heard several times b... 
Tube Rolling | Luxman CL-38uc
always good to experiment - enjoy the music   
Tube Rolling | Luxman CL-38uc
it depends what you are looking for.  I have some extra 12AU7 set,  items,  otherwise can recommend some sellers.  What are you looking for?  
PS Audio BHK 600
Ronkent,  I am considering upgrading to the BHK 300's from the BHK250. Can you give me an Idea what the improvements you experenced?   Also what tubes are you using?   I personally found the Telefunken ECC88 6922 (new black diamond)  were the bes... 
Modern day female jazz recommendations
Karen Souza !!!!!   OMG   "Paris"  
Martin Logan vs. Everything
I have the older martin logan Ethos which are very close to the 13a.  They are very good speakers for details, but not as smooth as my sonus fabers.  Its more about prefrence than anything else.  Diffrent but not always better.      
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
if your the only one listening then sure.  Otherwise ...  leave out.  Personally i think having them out closer to 180 deg. gives me more sound stage.   
Hifi Rose 150B vs. Auralic Altair G2.1
I had a  Auralic Altair G1 and upgraded to the G2.1  it was well worth it.  Amazing !  no regrets     
# 1  New Telfunken ECC88 6922  $80 usd ea  (allow 50 hrs breakin for these cryo tube  
Tube Rolling | Luxman CL-38uc
Mullard 12au7 are great sounding smooth tubes $25 USD ea. Telfunken ECC82 12au7 $80 each     
Martin Logan vs. Everything
Unless you broke somthing, it is not your speakers.  I have a pair of older Ethos model and they sound great with the Hegel h190 and Eversolo DMP-A6 dac.   Check your source, amp and cables.   
DAC diminishing returns
What is your budget?  I would recomed you buy a DAC from a dealer with a return exchange policy and try for yourself.    
A perfect song? What are your choices?
Wow! a true artist of pain.    
Point of diminishing returns for a Network Streamers?
  My thoughts on priority  1. Noise is the enemy -  do every thing tiy can to prevent it 2.  Are you happy with the software interface?   3. connectivity to other devices 4. Price My Choice was to purchase an all in one solution  Auralic Alt... 
Pass Labs XA30.8 for Dynaudio C1 Platinum
Stop looking at specs. The Speaker efficiency is not as important as sound, Your not looking at a 30w tube amp. An amp like XA30.8 as plenty of room to support a speaker with 85db Sensitivity.