Does removing "interface jitter" help, if my source has jitter?

I'm thinking of getting a Benchmark 3 DAC, and one of the selling features is its UltraLock3™ jitter attenuation system, which Benchmark says "fully isolates the inputs from INTERFACE jitter" (emphasis mine).   If my upstream source has jitter, will this system isolate that from the DAC?  My usual source is a Blusound Vault, and I suspect its jitter control is not as good as the Benchmark's. 
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@yyzsantabarbara Thanks for sending a link to the Gustard review; it sounds like a very impressive unit.  Do you know anyone who has heard it?
@cheeg I will hear it myself on Thursday. I bought it a few days ago and it is being shipped from China. It will need some time to burn-in.

I have a 30 day trial period with this purchase.
@yyzsantabarbara That's great! Mind if I DM you next week to get your impressions?