Does SACD & Redbook Playback req Two Interconnects

I visited a local dealer and checked out the Sony SACD A777ES and he couldn't get the SACD to output and I noticed two sets of outputs on the back. It played Redbook but not SACD. Worthless dealer. I couldn't find the Sony manual online (worthless sony web site stating this player is a CD Changer). None of the reviews I've red mentioned this problem.

If you want to play both redbook and SACD, do you have to use two seperate dedicated interconnects and pre-amp inputs?
If so, then do all SACD players require this setup?

PS I don't care about 5.1 multi-channel SACD at all.. (not meaning to generate flames or responses)

The two channel analog outs will pass both, the 5.1 outputs do not need to be used unless you want multichannel. You set the defalt to two channel direct mode for best sound on two channel, I have XA777 model.
Thanks That's all I needed. So I guess I just need to configure the Dealers Demo to use three DAC's per channel.

Yes, two channel direct will use three dac's per side on the xa777es for the two channel analog outs.
To Sogood
I have the 999es and I am using the 5.1 out for everything (two channel, two channel sacd, and sacd multichannel) Are you saying that if I use the regular two channel out it would be better, or is it different for my model

Michaelscott73, I think your model may be different, you may want to check your book though. If your's works this way it should state it in the book as mine does.