Does someone’s opinion affect your opinion?

So I have a very nice turntable with a new MC cartridge which I liked and enjoyed…that is until someone said that the cartridge was very “piercing” and in his opinion almost unlistenable. Now I find I am not enjoying it as much. Two things to add, he is not anymore “golden ear” than me, and the brands are well known with good reviews. 
But now, I don’t enjoy it as much. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it does and it has impacted my enjoyment.

So, has this happen to you and what did you do? 


You need to remember that his ears and his mental perception of sound are completely different than yours, and even if what he said is 100% accurate for his ears and perception, it has no relevancy to your perception of the sound that your system creates.

Relax, and continue to enjoy it as you did before.

Stop reading equipment reviews for the opinions usually expressed in the last paragraph.  When I occasionally read reviews, I stop once I have reached an understanding of how the thing works and what might make it unique or at least worthy of further investigation.

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