Fried Monitor 7 Opinions

I've got a chance to pick up some of these, and am wondering how they might compare to the Vandersteen 2C, 2Ci or 3's I already have....I have other speakers too...maybe I should post more of them here:
AR9 originals
Infinity Crescendo 3009

THX 4 your time.
They are good speakers with quality drivers they don't sound like vandys not as warm, but I have one question. What on earth do you need another pair of speakers for?
I've ALWAYS found the Frieds to be incredibly musical speakers. They'll probably have a little more of a British sound than the Vandersteens, with a tad bit more mid range, at least more 'forward' in the mids. But not at all unpleasant of a color.

Good luck.

Agreed Mechans...that's not all of them either... :)
I like to experiment with speakers. May keep a pair a month or years. The 3009's are gone. Nice speaker but needs a large room. Luckily the guy I sold them to is putting them in his restaraunt so I can hear them anytime.

My opportunity to get A/6's was lost (less than $300) as the guy emailed me but without a phone # or address, like the Stealth Responder'. But, the guy with Monitor 7's still has them I'm pretty sure...I'll email him again...
I've been a Fried fan for many years and have always been a proponent of transmission line loading and 1st order series crossovers.

If you can pick up the Monitor 7 at the right price, you won't be disappointed. Very open and detailed but with a slightly warmer tonal balance than previous Fried models. I attribute this to their use of the ring radiator tweeter rather than the 3/4" soft-dome Hiquphon Bud was so fond of.

Fried Products is pretty much out of business so I wouldn't pay any more than 1/2 the original retail price and at that, you'll be getting a very nice speaker you should be able to live with long term.
I can't speak for the Monitor 7, but I bought two pairs of the Compact 7 and I can tell you they are fantastic. Clear, clean and very musical. Plenty of bass without any boominess. My friend was dumbstruck when he heard them. He and I grew up listening to my Fried Betas and Fried Subwoofer system and he said these were the best sounding speakers he's ever heard. I like other speaker more, but they are 10-20 times the price.

You really can't go wrong - they are speakers you can listen to for a lifetime and not get tired of them.

They are not out of business. Just out of the mass market speaker business. They want to become custom speaker providers, I believe.
As I said, they're basically out of business! Both Jonathan Raines, President and David Finley, former Bud Fried employee, have always had "real jobs" and only did speakers part time.

Bottom line though, the Monitor 7 is still a very good sounding speaker and easy to live with; so is the Compact 7 and Studio 7. I doubt you'd ever have a problem with any of them(I still have a working pair of C/3L's I built over 20 years ago) but don't expect any factory support down the road. That's why I said, if the price is right, go for it.
Rfogel8, based on your definition, all the audio companies I work with (TRL, Intuitive Design, Fried) are "out of business." They are by definition small batch, boutique manufacturers. That is where you find the best, most cutting edge gear IMO.

As for factory support, I managed to blow one of the Scanspeak drivers in my References (quite a feat!), and David Finley ordered a new driver, modified it, and shipped it to me in the space of about 2 weeks. I would classify that as pretty good support....