does the vtl 5.5 compare with the herron vtsp-3

also does anyone know much about the latest conrad johnson 5 vs atma sphere mp3 vs vac standard edt and how they compare to or better than the other

i have a mccormack dna 500 and alon 4 speakers


Do some research on VTL’s customer service before going that route. Past that it comes down to what sound characteristics you’re looking for, and if you care to share that info I’m sure you’ll get lots of good recommendations here.  Great amp BTW — I’m currently having my DNA 0.5 RevA getting full upgrades at SMcAudio and can’t wait to get it back. 

soix  been with the cj sound for so long.  would like the cj et5se, bug cant find one.  looking for what dont roll off the top so much.  when the dna 500 came out they did a write up with the vtl 5.5 and got great reviews....thats why i asked about that one up front...

Given what you’re looking for I’d think VAC, Aesthetix, and Zesto (among others) might give you a bit more treble detail without sacrificing tonality or musicality.  Best of luck. 

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