Doge 8 Clarity 2021 Phono settings

Greetings fellow AudiogoN'ers!  I recently purchased a used Doge 8 Clarity XLR 2021 edition to upgrade from my Doge 8 LP.  The line stage is a definite improvement, however I am struggling with the phono stage.  Either it has MUCH less gain than my LP, I haven't found the right settings, or it is defective.  I have tried different tubes to no avail.  I reached out to Doge via but have yet to receive a response.  My cartridge is a Soundsmith Zephyr MK III.  I have a significant investment in 12AX7 tubes for the phono stage, and would prefer to get this resolved vs using an outboard phono stage.  If anyone has insight on the phono settings I would certainly appreciate it.

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To achieve the same volume level as the LP at around 9, I have to turn the Clarity up to about 12. And it sounds like something isn't quite right with the gain.  This only applies to the phono stage, the line stage output is comparable.

To achieve the same volume level as the LP at around 9, I have to turn the Clarity up to about 12.

That’s not unusual, and with many components you’ll get lower distortion as you open up the volume control.

And it sounds like something isn’t quite right with the gain.

What do you mean "not right"?

Thank you for the assistance. The sound is flat and not as dynamic & detailed compared to my Doge 8 LP; turning up the volume as loud as I have to, there is an audible hum that I don't hear with the LP.  I was hoping this could be resolved with the phono stage settings...

Well, I solved the hum, it was a grounding issue.  I am still having gain issues, could be my cartridge is too low for the MM stage.  Does anyone happen to know what the gain is on the MM and MC stages?  The only thing I've been able to find is the recommended outputs for cartridges on the Doge website: 

MM input sensitivity 3mV to 6mV
MC input sensitivity 0.25mV to 0.6mV