Dr. Feickert Turntable

I am considering purchasing the Dr. Feickert Volare turntable. 
 Any owners out there who wish to comment, or non-owners for that matter?


Max out the arm choice if you can. 

I heard it with the OL arm. I thought it was competitive with all the other choices in its price point.

You're y aware the phono stage will make or break your investment?

tablejockey- are you saying it was competent at it’s price point, but perhaps not exceeding like priced competitors. I see quite a few choices in the 3-4K price range. The ones I would consider would be a Polytable/Sorane arm, a Well Tempered Amadeus, or the Volare. Other popular choices would be 1200GR, and VPI. But then the next jump up to $5K-$7K, there seems to be less to choose. It’s almost like you spend $4k, or jump up to the $8K-$11K range....Woodpecker, Stabi R...even a Stabi S with Kuzma arm will run well over $4K. I’d love to hear a Volare, and plan to soon. The OL live arm is supposed to offer excellent performance for the $.


IMO, difficult to say "X" is "best" at the $4K PP. As you mention, the others will compete with it.

You can nitpick every choice. I should have said in the initial post-I think it' a solid buy with the OL arm.


I purchased a used Luxman a month or so ago. The seller brought it over and we got to talking turntables. He recently purchased the Volare and I asked what he thought. Giant “meh”. I was stunned. He preferred his old Rega. That’s with his new upgrade, a class A Luxman. He said the Volare was too soft/smooth. He was big into garage rock.