drivers for a 2 way that sound as a sonus faber concertino

hi, i have a sonus faber grand piano that i've benn using since 2005, it sounds great, but they are now a bit damaged by the time, i listened to some sonus faber concertino, i liked the sound, since i love making my speakers since i started at 20, i tought that i could do it "more professionally" but on parts express and audioimports there were to many speakers to choose from, so i'd like to hear you're opinion, i like warm sounds and deep bass, i listen to jazz, can you help me find somthing good for some 2 way speaker under 600$ (only drivers)


I had a pair of Concertino for more than a few years, a lovely warm and holographic monitor in a superb enclosure. Call Madisound and chat w expert. I would be inclined to see if replacement parts available from SF or a gently used pair...


good luck on your journey